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Motivational Monday: Set A Goal

This weekend I let go of a goal that was no longer suiting my needs. I had a 5k running plan setup through Runkeeper. But I’m running more than the prescribed schedule and it was holding me back. So I … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday: On A Roll

Lately, I’ve been running. This seems like an odd thing to say on a running blog but it needs to be stated. I’m running on a regular basis and my running has changed. Before I go further, let’s do a … Continue reading

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Motivational Monday

They always say, no matter how slow you run, you are always lapping those still sitting on their couches. And it’s true. Move and you’ve already taken a small step towards bettering yourself. It doesn’t matter if you run hard, … Continue reading

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A Breakthrough!

Things in life are as usual. Busy and fumbling and happy and silly. We celebrated our first anniversary and we’re also preparing to celebrate the end of the dreaded second grade year. Because life is busy and continuous, some goals … Continue reading

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Running Away From Home

We recently took some time away from work and school to visit Washington State where we saw the city of Seattle, all four seasons worth of weather and lots of family. Many of those family members we met for the … Continue reading

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