Motivational Monday: Do Today!

Today is all we need to worry about. Just one day at a time. No looking back and no worrying about what might be. Just focus on today.

And give it your best!

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Workout Wednesday: Unplugged

I have no pictures to share. No map to show my route or a screenshot to show my step count for the day. 

I only have my words. 

You see, I ran last night. First I walked a mile with my husband. We talked about house hunting and the emotional roller coaster one goes on when waiting to hear if an offer to buy has been accepted.

We shared a laugh about our son’s clumsiness and how those genes certainly came from me. After a mile my husband asked if I was done because he was ready to rest. He had played hard ball with our son for a good length of time before our walk so he was good and exhausted.  

I wasn’t. But I wasn’t prepared to walk alone. I had no phone and no music, no podcasts and no apps to entertain me. Even so, I didn’t feel done. 

When we reached practice he drifted off to sit and stretch while I just kept going. My feet seemed to have decided for me so I let them. Then, my walked turn into a run. Just a slight run, nothing fast or extreme. I lifted one foot then followed with the other. 

I ran without my running app telling me when to walk and when to run, so I just ran. I ran without my music or my podcasts so I just listened to everything around me. The sound of the breeze rushing through the foliage planted along the dark, metal fence. The clink of the baseball meeting the aluminum of a bat and the hoarse whooping of the boys on the field, wrestling with each other in between plays. 

The air was sweet with the blossoming gardenia and jasmin plants lining the walk way as I trot along. Soon the sounds of the busy fields around me faded away and all I could hear was the steady rhythm of my foot steps in sync with my breathing. One step then another, around the field I went. 

I ran a mile with no way to track it. I have no photogenic post-run shots to share. No splits to pour over and analyze. No times to compare or speed fluctuations to criticize. 

Instead I had the glistening layer of sweat, the tight calves, and sore hip flexors as proof. I had run a mile, totally and completely unplugged. 

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Motivational Monday: Good Habits


So far I’m two weeks into returning to the gym and running. I’m trying to stick to a MWF schedule plus one day a weekend to run. To date, I’ve done just that. 

I’m trying not to make too much about it but instead just letting it unfold naturally. I’m not over thinking it or pushing myself to burn big calories or spend loads of time working out. 

I’m just taking it step at a time. 

I’m also trying to see working out as a stress relief method and not a way to lose weight. I want the weight loss to be the bonus but the main purpose to be a way to have me time and to relieve my daily stress. 

And it’s working! I’m feeling less stressed out and finding it easier to manage my days. 

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Workout Wednesday: Zumba Zumba!!!

For the past six months I’ve been hyper focused on my new job (yay teaching!) and my new role as a partial stay-at-home mom. When my job changed from a 9-5 Monday through Friday office position to an 8-2 Monday through Thursday teaching job, a lot of changes came our way.

My son no longer needs child care and that has helped us personally as a family and also financially. But it does add an element of stress. I now end my day and rush to get my son then I rush home to do all the housework AND homework AND lesson plans. WHEW! It’s been a wild ride so far but it’s working for us.

But this has left a huge gap in my workout routine. Between adjusting to the new hours and the new roles around the house plus all that is expected of me in my first full year teaching with the hope of being rehired but in a full sized mainstream class (right now I’m only considered part time), I’ve been too tired to fit in any type of workout.

I would try to run but that doesn’t seem to appeal to me any more. I know I still love it but I’m full on BURNT OUT! So I try to go to the gym but I’m not loving it like I used to. I know these are all weak excuses because I just felt myself prioritizing my life is such a new way. And exercising wasn’t one of those new priorities.

Then reality smacked me in the face and yelled “WAKE UP!” I tried on a pair of my comfortable stretchy pants and found myself hurting in them. OUCH! They were too tight on the waist and I just wasn’t feeling attractive in them. But I had to wear them because nothing else would fit! This was a problem!

On top of that, I’ve been trying on bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding in May and we’re coming down to the wire. I have my dress now but I look so frumpy in it! This can’t go on! She will forever have these pictures and I’ll hate that I’ll look so overweight and out of shape in them! Who wants that in the pictures they’ll have of the best day of their life!?

To be honest, I haven’t been seen in a photo for months because I’ve actively stayed behind the camera. No selfies, no group photos, no family shots. If anyone sees a pictures and asks where I am, I just state that I’m probably behind the camera.

I decided enough is enough. I have a race scheduled in April (which I’m not completely sure I’ll run) and this wedding in May so it’s time to pick up the pace.

Since running and the gym are not my favorite forms of exercise at the moment, I took a chance on a Zumba class at my local gym.

Zumba and I go WAY back. I Zumbed my butt of years ago when I was still with the YMCA in my city. I adored my instructor, who is also a dancer, and loved every sweaty second in her class. I went so far as to have a pair of split sole dance shoes and the jingly belly dancing skirt!! I did long Zumbathons and master classes that lasted a good hour to two hours long. I burned calories upon calories and never once complained.

I LOVED ZUMBA! It was a thrilling and fun way to torch those calories!

Then I injured my heel running and dancing just wasn’t the same. Turning was painful and every bounce and jump did a number on my heal. UGH! And I was still trying to keep up with running so I didn’t want to injure it more in class. So, good bye Zumba!

That was 2013 and I think since then I’ve made it to 3 classes. Maybe 2…

It just wasn’t the same! No instructor inspired me the way my favorite did and I was constantly worried about my heel getting reinjured. So I stay away and would tentatively try a class here or there but I just didn’t feel the same love as I had in the past.

Then last week happened. I had gone to the gym twice and was on a roll. I was on Facebook when I should have been grading papers (oops) and saw my gym post about Zumba class on Friday night. I sent a message to my husband that I was going to attempt Zumba again and go to this evening class.

And I did! Pretty impressed that I actually did what I said I would do since I’ve been awful about sticking to my promises to myself. I keep saying I’ll run with my group or get up early Saturday before it gets warm but I never do. I sleep through my alarm, get too busy or make up a reason not to workout. Not this time!

This time I made it to class, I danced my little heart out, and I went home happy. I really enjoyed myself! It was then that I realized I missed dancing and now that my heel is behaving (so far) I’d like to add Zumba back into my routine.

To do that, I find, buying shoes specifically for dancing helps. There is A LOT of turning and pivoting and jumping that goes on and when you are wearing simple running shoes, you can get caught mid-turn and tear your knee pretty badly because the sole doesn’t spin with you.

So I went ahead and got myself a pair of Zumba shoes!

Aren’t they snazzy!?!

I run large in shoes (size 10.5-11) so I was limited on what brand/style I could get ahold of without breaking the bank. These were on sale (YAY SALES!) on Amazon and carried my size. I ordered them and three days later I’ve got myself some dancing shoes.

My hope is to have an hour of dancing and sweating to myself a couple of times a week without any expectations. I just want to go and have fun while getting in a little workout. That’s it! Hopefully keeping it simple and adding in some gym time AND running I’ll be able to keep this promise to myself!

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Motivational Monday: Baby Steps

Life ChangePhoto Source

Last Friday night, I went to my first Zumba class in years. It’s been so long I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a class let alone a Zumba class.

I went and really enjoyed myself. So much so I ordered a pair of dance shoes to help me pivot and spin better and I’ve listed all the Zumba classes offered at my gym on my personal calendar. I plan to go back and make this apart of my workout routine.

I also hit up the gym three times last week. Just a little push to get myself back on track and hopefully running again. I may not be running a lot these days but this is definitely a step in the right direction toward getting fit again.

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Motivational Monday: Get Your Sh!t Together! 

It’s simple. I need to get my shit together and get myself working out regularly again! 

I’m way WAY behind on my running and fitness goals. My weight is up and our lives are busier than ever. The new job teaching is great but a whole new source of stress. Money is tighter and our hours are very different these days. 

With all this change I’ve let one area go and that’s my own health. While I still eat healthy about 80% of the time and take the time prep my meals, I’m still not making time to workout or run. 

I need to get moving again. I need to carve out that Me Time to run or go to the gym.

There must be a way and I just need to find it! 

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Workout Wednesday: Soccer All The Way!

Welcome fitness readers. It’s been almost a week since I last posted and it’s all for a good reason…


Well, I *had* a job already but the one I applied and interviewed for I got (Woohoo!!!) THEN I got a call for another job and was offered the position the next day! WOOHOO!

Starting Sept 22nd, I’ll be the ELD/RtI teacher at a local public school. Tomorrow I have a full day of training for the RtI position. I’m also training my sister to run my old desk at the family business so she can do this job while they look for someone to replace me.

On top of all that, we kicked off our AYSO season this weekend with opening ceremonies and pictures. Our banner was in a competition for best handmade banner and I’m still waiting for the official word but the rumor is we got 2nd place!

 photo E00204B2-2CE6-4B60-94CE-EDF81A521436_zps1jn17gvz.jpg

Go Star Destroyers!

So, to say the least, we’re busy!!!

And my workouts are suffering for it. I’m looking forward to the shift in schedule. I’ll spend less time traveling to and from work and my days will begin and end close to what my son’s school schedule will be. Plus, I’ll work four days instead of five. So that will mean more time to run and workout and prep.

Even with our crazy weekend, I did get a chance to prep my meals and worked hard to have some healthy food on hand for all of us to eat.

After all that meal prep and lunch making, we had soccer practice for the little man. My husband and I took advantage of the field space and did a small workout ourselves. He chucked his frisbee golf discs and I ran for them just to get my legs moving again and judge how I was feeling.
 photo b6960108-e37a-4d5e-9b1f-24f10d6a21ce_zps444a6382.jpg
And how was I? Slow… very very slow. All this time off has not helped my physically even though it may have been what I needed mentally.

But I got out there anyways and jogged back and forth for about 45 minutes. I’ve got to start over now, nothing more than 2-3 miles to reset myself and not get injured.

This is our life now, bus busy with a new job, school, and my favorite sport, SOCCER!

Soccer has been apart of my life since I was about 8 or 9, about my son’s age. I was never great at it but I was good enough to enjoy it. I played until the 5th grade when I got really sick and was diagnosed with asthma. For a time I was very inactive because I didn’t know how to manage my symptoms and was benched in all things physical.

But, I never lost my love for the sport. When I wasn’t playing I was watching! My brother and sister played both at the recreation level and at the club level, traveling to play all over the place. I even coached when I was older for a younger cousin’s team.

Then I moved to college and didn’t have access to soccer the way I did at home. I didn’t watch my brother play in high school or watch either sibling move onto sports in their college years. And it wasn’t until I traveled to New Zealand and realized how out of shape I was that I finally sought out a team of my own. After a jam packed tour of the country did I realize I needed some activity back at home so, not long after I returned, did I search for a team looking for a new player.

That’s when I found these girls.

The Just For Kicks Chicks!

 photo 10400952_535648114838_5213_n_zpsdcc4396b.jpg

I’m in the back row, third from the coach on the left.

We played for the joy of the sport and the fun of being apart of a team. We weren’t very good and didn’t really play to win (though a win would have been nice) but we had a great time together. I made some awesome friends that I’m still in touch with these days and I have the best memories of attempting the goalie position.

Now a days I’m the mom on the side line. My little mister has taken up soccer and loves it! I’m lucky because my husband ALSO loves soccer. So we’re just a little family of soccer lovin’ people! This is my son’s third season in AYSO and he’s a promising young player. We’re actually considering letting him try out for the Spring season of what’s called Arsenal level soccer. A little more than AYSO and a little less than club. Not quite the commitment as club but a little more structured than AYSO.

 photo 65AE1464-34FE-4E32-8DED-2AD46670E3D7-5703-00000215FC290062_zps4b7e307f.jpg

There’s my number 9!!

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