Bastanchury Hill

Today began my Spring Break. The first time I’ve had a job since college that actually gave me this time off.

I’ve been excited to have some time and started it off with some much needed me-time and a good, hard run. I took off dropping off the kid let and decided to take on a hill in town that’s pretty tough.

It’s half a mile hill up with an elevation change from 266 ft to 432 ft. It’s a nice little jaunt and one I’ve run before. This my love/hate hill. On bad days, it’s hard to trudge up. But on good days, like today, I take that beast and make it mine!

Ever since I ran without my phone due to me not having it on hand, I’ve made it my goal to run without cues or intervals. I’ve silenced my phone and now only use it to quietly track my mileage. It doesn’t call out my time or pace or mileage. Instead it just sits in my pocket, quietly marking off miles and calories burned.

Having this new outlook on running has led me to run better and without over analyzing every little step. And I’ve stopped running with intervals. I now walk when needed and mostly run. Why, just last night I ran 1.5 miles without walking and was pretty damn proud of that.

So today I walked as a warm up then took off at the base of the hill I ran with only two pit stops along the hill and made it to the top winded but completely stoked. Then I made my way downhill and ran the whole way home! Other than stops at the signals (where I stretched while I waited) I continued through all the thoughts and soreness that plagued me.

In the end I was super proud of this run. The mileage and time aren’t great but that wasn’t the point. Finishing that hill and then completing the run without walking pumped me up and gave me the energy needed to start my time off.

Sometimes just turning everything off and going can be the best thing. Other than a podcast to keep my mind off of my brain wanting to stop at any point, I really have started to run with as little distraction as possible and I’m seeing improvements already.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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3 Responses to Bastanchury Hill

  1. jillconyers says:

    I’m on spring break too and loving it! So many things I want to do with the time off.

    Have an awesome weekend and thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

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