Workout Wednesday: Take A Walk On The Wild Side

It’s been a busy week since my last Workout Wednesday post. We had a lot of family in town so the weekend was spent socializing and visiting. I also didn’t make it to zumba like I wanted due to scheduling issues. That is the one down side to our gym, no child care. If my husband’s work day runs late, I run the risk of missing class. So I took advantage of my son’s practices and ran while he played.

But I did get a longer run in Friday morning. After dropping the kidlet off at school I did a 3.6 mile run around the hood. It wasn’t perfect nor was it easy but I was happy to have it under my belt.

I’m trying to slowly up my mileage since I’m pretty much at the start line again. Plus I have a wedding coming up soon and I can’t risk an injury that will make it tough for me to fulfill my maid-of-honor duties.

After my run and a quick shower, I was back at school for an award ceremony. We were told our son was getting a special award but no mention of it was made so we were all in for a treat.

He earned the Teacher’s Choice Award! It was for his willingness to learn and also for the great connections he makes between what he’s learned and real life.

We are so super proud!! So far this week I made it to Zumba Monday night  and took a walk with my husband to keep loose during soccer practice last night. These walks together are really a sweet blessing. We talk and sometimes slip into a comfortable silence. We touch on topics we forget to share about when things are so busy around the home so I really really appreciate the time with him. I start to look forward to our soccer practice walks now!

Today I plan to rest and grade papers and I’ll run Thursday and Friday.

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6 Responses to Workout Wednesday: Take A Walk On The Wild Side

  1. Congrats to your son and you! You must be so proud, that is awesome! Thanks so much for linking up ❤

  2. Nice job on getting the run in! That had to feel good after coming back from injury!

  3. Good job on your activity this week. 3.6 miles is no joke so good for you for making it happen. Happy to have you part of our linkup. #wowlinkup

  4. From your title I thought you were walking at the zoo or at the National park LOL. Good job!

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