Yorba Linda Red Shirt 5k = Failed!

Not too long ago I posted my pre-race thoughts on a 5k I was signed up to do. I did everything I usually do before a race: packet pick-up and stretches and all that good stuff. I was geared to get up and go run this 5k.

Instead I woke up to a twinge down my right leg and a head full of blah. I didn’t want to run and I wasn’t sure if I should.

Having struggled with sciatica and back issues for 10 years now, I’m very weary of back pain, even small twinges because those can grow into a bigger problem. I’m always waiting and watching to see how my back will respond to activities because I never know when it will pull or tweak it thus leaving me sprawled out on the floor unable to walk.

And believe me, that’s happened. I had to cancel a get together with a bunch of moms and their kids to do crafts at my house when my son was small because I bent funny and my back went out. I spent the day on the floor because it was easier just to lay there motionless than to get up into a more comfortable position. Thank goodness I had help at the time to take care of Jake while I suffered on the floor. It was excruciatingly painful and something I never never want to deal with again.

So, the moment I have a twinge or feel a pull, I step back and take it easy. At this point in life I’ve learned it’s not worth the extra pain and discomfort to push myself through what could be a small issue that means nothing. It’s just better to lose out on whatever I have planned and play it safe.

The morning of my Yorba Linda Red Shirt 5k came and I felt that damn a pull down my right leg. It was small and not painful, just annoying and uncomfortable. But I knew what that meant. It meant I had to choose. I could either run through the discomfort and cross my fingers it  wouldn’t lead to something worse OOORRRR I could just skip it all together and risk nothing but a broken record. In the end I chose to skip the race.

It wasn’t easy. I like things to be neat and tidy. Missing a race after running 4 races in a row made my OCD flair. That little gap kinda drives me bats. But I knew I had to take care of myself. So I sucked it up and didn’t run.

Since then I’ve kept up with my Saturday long runs (between 5-6 miles) and my weekly smaller runs (between 4-5 miles). My pace is improving consistently and my back is ok so far. I still have twinges and I take it easy on the days I feel it more than others. Next race is a 10k at the end of June so I have to stay focused!



About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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3 Responses to Yorba Linda Red Shirt 5k = Failed!

  1. Martha B says:

    Sometimes you really do have to know when to say no. Better safe than sorry. No sense in potentially putting yourself out for a long time just for one day. I’d say you made the smartest choice!

    • Mrs. Geek says:

      Thanks Martha. I agree. It was the best choice for me. Missing out on a smaller 5k sucks but it doesn’t suck as much as being stuck not running a whole week due to a back injury. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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