Running Away From Home

We recently took some time away from work and school to visit Washington State where we saw the city of Seattle, all four seasons worth of weather and lots of family. Many of those family members we met for the first time! It was a nice little trip away which is why I’ve been so quiet here. photo 1E6C9EBB-B3F6-4D68-9818-8AA0D70B150E_zpsovjjwe4t.jpg Our first mission was to hit the city and see what Seattle had in store. Two days really isn’t enough time there! I could have spent a whole day down at Pike Place Market by itself but we had lots we wanted to see.
 photo b153beb6-ec82-449a-9454-ebcc79eb7dc3_zps47af14c5.jpg We got lucky in Seattle and had two clear days of nice weather. We got to see the Space Needle and visit the EMP Museum. Our son LOVED the Gum wall at Post Alley.
 photo FD899B08-9E4D-40B3-90C5-30E5A5326B6B_zpsxofbni5x.jpg  Even I got in on the Gum Wall action! I loved Seattle very much. It reminded me a lot of San Francisco. I felt right at home on the slopping streets and in the chilly air. photo 935EBD7C-6582-405A-B55C-784AADAC911A_zpsefcemjym.jpg Then we drove to Spokane a good 4 1/2 hours away through some snowy mountains and into a valley that reminded us of central California. Like I said, we saw ALL four seasons in one trip!
 photo f13d5ddf-95bd-47b5-b1ee-a63a2d77bc29_zpsff8fdfd0.jpg While we were there we saw the Spokane Falls and lots of rain. Coming from southern California where we were under water restrictions due to a lack of rain fall, consistent rain and drizzle for two days is A LOT of rain!  photo 5400751a-1f8f-42ca-b016-8d072e632d8f_zpsc5b5901e.jpg Ahhhh….aren’t we cute?! That’s the Mr. Geek and myself. I told him we needed a kissy picture because we rarely have any together.

Even though it was a vacation which meant we were supposed to relax and enjoy ourselves, which we did, I also kept up some notion of a running routine. I’m trying to keep up my mileage by running no less than 4 miles on my short days and 5 miles on my long days. My hope is that I’ll be able to improve my running overall by the time I have to start training for my half. While in Spokane, I took a little me time and went on a quick 4 mile jaunt. It was a bit odd at first being that I was running against the weather and in a place I didn’t know. I took off with the hope of getting back before it started to rain and that I wouldn’t get lost. Thanks to my handy dandy iPhone, I knew that even if I did get turned around, my husband and sister-in-law weren’t more than a phone call away.

 photo 28368F44-AC14-429B-9325-1D9A0BE34393_zpsqu6a9toe.jpg

Just under 4 miles but I’ll take it! I got some odd looks while I was out on the road and even had someone wave to me. When I got back to my sister-in-law’s house, I asked her if anyone ran around here because people were looking at me all funny like. She laughed and said yes people run around Spokane and that people were giving me funny looks because they didn’t know who I was and EVERY ONE knew each other there. That threw me for a loop! I can’t imagine living somewhere so quaint that everyone knows everyone and if you don’t look familiar you stand out! photo ACDC35CA-CD98-47E9-AEA4-9E98FC4B2DAF_zpsovv0dyf6.jpg I’ve slowly been noticing a change in my pace. I run a 4:1 interval and doing my 4 miles my splits are mostly coming in under 12 mins per mile. This is a HUGE improvement for me.

Returning to our own home and our own beds never felt so good! Our trip was awesome but it was also very nice to sleep in our bed and to be able to cook in our own kitchen again. And having had the break from work and chores really made me come home thirsty for changes. I hope that thirst sticks around!





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A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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2 Responses to Running Away From Home

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, great trip pictures!!! Looked like A BLAST!!! I’m glad you’re home safe and sound!! XOXO! 😉

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