Post-Race Training Day and a New Challenge

This post may make anyone who reads it question my sanity. Believe me, as I type this *I* question my sanity.

After our glorious race by the beach Saturday, I returned the next morning for a bit of post-race torture… errr I mean exercise. With  my husband and son in tow, we three headed back to Belmont Shores to be joined by my dad and my sister for a Sunday walk along the sand. Turns out that there is a flight of stairs towards the end that do a great job of working ye ol’ behind. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and clear with a slight breeze, just enough to keep you cool.
 photo 3E6B4E84-96D0-43E8-A56F-E96085B3E080_zpsuf0iqj1l.jpgBeautiful! As a group we headed to the stairs to get in a few trips up and down. My son rode his little scoot while we ran or walked along with him. The path was a little crowded and our son got frustrated trying to navigate between the foot traffic and other wheeled visitors. But together we made it and together we took to the stairs! photo 03C46815-53E1-4C9B-84A0-94A5E16C4311_zpsw5xvcprg.jpg Um yeah. These stairs were no joke! Up and down we went, my heart pounding and the sweat dripping. We challenged each up to race up to the top over and over again, taking at least 5 laps up and back. Our little Angel’s fan even took part and did his own two laps!  photo 435ACFD0-646B-4524-95E0-C47B05F01ED4_zpso0edztwe.jpg After our laps, and our obligatory post-stair selfie, we headed back down to retrieve the child and his Papa. photo 2FD1D84C-E706-4D0A-900A-3D44E3387C26_zpscoewspmw.jpg They wanted in on the selfie action, too!

From there we headed back to my sister’s apartment and then off to brunch to eat our weight in amazing food. I tell ya, we had Brussel sprouts that were to DIE FOR! Just amazing. If you ever are in Belmont Shores, check out Simmzy’s Pub. Amazing food and great sangria!

With full tummy’s we headed home to rest and relax. It had been a busy weekend and after two days of working out, I was beat! My legs needed the break!

But that break didn’t last long. The endorphins of the day before and the afterglow from the workout on the stairs left me feeling pumped and in need of more action. So I did what any runner does…
 photo BF3A505B-EA3D-4380-8BA5-5D529FBFE29B_zpsyyijgfqb.pngI signed up for a half marathon…

What, I can’t be the ONLY person who randomly signs up for a race?! For some reason this race sounded like a good idea. It’s in 7 months so I have more than enough time to train for it and it would require that we take a mini-vacation away, something we tend to not do often enough! Plus some family members had signed up and it seems like a crazy yet fun way to spend some family time together.

It only took until the next morning for the realization to set in that I would be attempting to run 13 miles in one go come November. Ahhh, what?! Yeah. It was a bit of a shock as everything set in and I could logical comprehend what I’d signed up for. Oh well, like I said. I have time. I did pay for the insurance just in case we find out we’re expecting and I can’t run or walk it.

For now, my new challenge is to slowly up my mileage. My first goal? 5 miles. I’ve got 3 under my belt. I can run it in under 34 minutes consistently. Now to slowly work up to 5 and start running that consistently. Then 10ks. That’ll be my next racing goal. A good solid 10k.

Wish me luck!


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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