Pre-Race: Run Seal Beach 5k

Wasn’t race #3 just last weekend? Then why am I running race #4 this week? Oh right, because I’m fucking nuts.

Last week I ran and demolished my 5k time with a 33:20 finish. Fastest I’ve ever run and nothing was chasing me. I was so happy when I finished and saw my unofficial time that I wept as they took of my chip and handed me my medal. Then the official time came in and I couldn’t stop patting myself on the back. It was a fabulous feeling.

That fabulous feeling lasted maybe a day or two. We’ve been having a rough time with our little one. He’s been anxious about earthquakes and is making bedtime a complete chore. It’s exhausting… He’ll have two great nights then his anxiety will return. It’s taking everything we have after our long days of work to try and keep him calm and get him to sleep. Patience is wearing thin and now the little monster has a cold so sleeping is needed but hard to come by.

And speaking of long day at work, the husband has been busting his ass working long LONG hours both on the road and at home. So much so I don’t feel like I’ve seen him much this week. It’s been hellish and my mood is definitely being affected by it all. Long days at work, still dealing with my normal monthly feminine issues (TMI!), rough nights with the little one and his bedtime anxieties, and not seeing my husband much has made this week very blah and brought me down a great deal.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Race day is almost here. And while it’s a bit much to have two back to back races, I’m excited about this one for a few reasons. One, it’s by the beach, Seal Beach to be exact! Two, it’s with my sister, Jennifer Lawrence (nope! Not THAT Jennifer Lawrence, The Other Jennifer Lawrence). And three, it’s a part of a series!

If you’ve ever registered for a race, you know how easily it is to get roped into other events. One of the ways they get you is through emails. You sign up for one race and BOOM! You’re getting monthly notifications from the same organizers hosting other races throughout the year. Well it turns out that my Race on the Base in February is the same organization as my Run Seal Beach race and the two are connected, along with a third race, called OC California Race Series. I didn’t know this until I got an email from Race on the Base about this weekend’s race! Go figure! Even then, reading through the message, I didn’t put two and two together that they were connected.

As I scrolled down the words “series” and “challenge” popped out at me and I took a closer look. Turns out that there are four races in Southern California that, if three are run consecutively, you receive a special medal for completing the challenge. And guess what, I HAPPEN to have already run one of the races and I am registered for the second. All I had to do was pick my third race and BOOM!!! I would be the happy owner of this beautiful specialty medal for completing three of the four races in a row!

 So, I’d get a medal for each 5k and then, in July at the finish line of the last race, I’d also qualify for the special medal! And I did just that! I registered for the Cypress City 5k so that I can complete the tri-race challenge and earn my special medal from this series!!! I’m stupidly giddy about the serendipitous turn of events. Who knew signing up for two different races in two separate months would turn out to be the exact two races I would need to qualify for this series!? I surely didn’t! Challenge ACCEPTED!!!

Ok… I’ll breathe now… Whew…. can you tell I’m excited? With all the crap we’ve dealt with this week, it’s a nice little goal to have out there in the future to look forward to. And yes, it’s only just a medal. But it’s something to strive for, something I’ve earned with my sweat and my dedication to my running. So I plan to not only run the three races but to run them well!

Tonight my sister and I will run a light jog around the block to stretch our legs and prepare for Saturday. Then tomorrow I’ll join her in Seal Beach at her adorable little coastal apartment where we will have a slumber party and hang out for some nice ol’ seester time together. Come Saturday morning, we’ll be ready to race!



About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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2 Responses to Pre-Race: Run Seal Beach 5k

  1. Kristin says:

    How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear about them!! Great goals!!!

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