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Running Away From Home

We recently took some time away from work and school to visit Washington State where we saw the city of Seattle, all four seasons worth of weather and lots of family. Many of those family members we met for the … Continue reading

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Post-Race Training Day and a New Challenge

This post may make anyone who reads it question my sanity. Believe me, as I type this *I* question my sanity. After our glorious race by the beach Saturday, I returned the next morning for a bit of post-race torture… … Continue reading

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Run Seal Beach 5k

I love the beach. I hate sand but I love the smell and the air and the sounds of the waves brushing up against the sand. And this weekend I had the pleasure of spending a good portion of the … Continue reading

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Pre-Race: Run Seal Beach 5k

Wasn’t race #3 just last weekend? Then why am I running race #4 this week? Oh right, because I’m fucking nuts. Last week I ran and demolished my 5k time with a 33:20 finish. Fastest I’ve ever run and nothing … Continue reading

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