Pre-Race: Reaching For The Cure Run & Ride 5k

Another day, another race.

This week is race number 3 for 2014. We’re running a 5k in Irvine for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. WHEW….that’s a mouthful. It’ll be just the mister and me running on Sunday, a real treat to have a racing date together.

Getting ready for this race has been a mixture of successes and stumbles. My heel is fine though it gets tight and strains in the morning and in the last leg of any run I do. I’m icing like crazy! I started off in the gym hittin’ the treadmill and feeling like I was breaking world records on my speed and pace. So proud, in fact, I wrote about it. Then I hit the road with my sister last Wednesday night and about died from the side stitch and hip pain I felt. It would seem that running the treadmill doesn’t translate as well to running on the road as I’d hoped.

 photo ccaaf4c4-6939-439d-b5a9-57c49428cd95_zps8ac8d7fa.png photo ae3f1ef4-f711-4779-8084-78a3f471b2b2_zps6135b94a.png

Last week’s run was a short 2 mile trek. We ran it in 20:42 with just under an 11 min/mile. Not bad! And our splits show the first mile to be the quickest while we slow down a whole minute in the second mile.

I still had to walk a bit due to a stitch in my side and some heavy breathing probably from what’s left of that damn cold I fought a couple of weeks ago.

Then an opportunity came up that allowed me to run with my group. Since we signed up the little man for baseball, our schedule has been thrown outta whack and I haven’t been able to run with the group. So I switched to the gym and slogged through treadmill workouts in the morning just to keep me moving. As soon as the schedule cleared up and I was able to meet up with the runners, I picked a doozey of a day!

 photo f28eae27-be4a-462a-8da5-eb9c1b6ee061_zps235024b8.png

Of course the day I return we run a 5+ mile route with hills and dirt and trails and lots of ups and downs. It was fun but torture on my heel and my butt. I came home very sore and that soreness was worse by the morning after. There was a LOT of walking on Tuesday night. Not only was this the longest distance I’ve done since returning after a long break due to my heel injury, but it was my first trail run too. And of course, I wore my usual Asics instead of my trail shoes. BIG mistake! I think my feet would have been much happier in my trail runners. Either way, I survived and felt pretty good about making through.
 photo e1a21f2b-ae1a-4af3-98ec-dfe3712211eb_zpsf36e8b52.png Then I got the crazy notion to run the following day. It must have been the pain talking and this extreme need to collect data and see my progress in numbers. My sister came over again and together we ran the same route. I also had a theory that the run would actually loosen up my hips and make me feel better after Tuesday night’s run. I was right! This little 2 mile jog definitely helped alleviate some of the stiffness in my back and legs.

 photo 5898e21a-824b-4086-aad0-368926e668ad_zpse283c66f.png

I felt great and ran most of this route until the end when a side stitch took over and caused me to slow down to catch my breath. As a person with a history of asthma, when my breathing is compromised I run the risk of having a panic attack. Though I’ve learned over the years how to manage my breathing with the help of an emergency inhaler and some breathing techniques, I can still get caught up in the fear that I won’t be able to get a full breath. So I slowed to a walk just at the corner of my complex and called it a day. A better run with a better pace! Even little improvements make me all tingly!

And today, I feel great. All my soreness has lessened tremendously. While I still feel a twinge here or there, I’m overall feeling like I could run again. I won’t, though. I’m taking a planned active rest day with a small walk at lunch. Just enough movement to keep the stiffness away. I’m watching what I eat to make sure I don’t binge on anything that will slow me down in the long run. I’m keeping up my water and I’m religiously icing my foot each night.

I’ve got my eye on a time I’d like to beat. I want to see my 5k come in under 35 minutes. I’ll take 34:59! And with my speedy husband running beside me, I think I do can it! Wish me luck!


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A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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2 Responses to Pre-Race: Reaching For The Cure Run & Ride 5k

  1. You’ve got it — you’re gonna kill the 5k! Good luck!

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