Into The Wild 10k 2014

Over the 3 years that I’ve been running races, I’ve had some good ones and some not go good ones. I’ve found organizations and groups I like so I return to their events each year.

During my 2012 year of races, I took a challenge and ran a 10k trail race as my 3rd race. It was my first 10k and my first trail. I was a tad bit nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone but I trained for it and took it seriously. Then the day came to run and I found myself falling in love with trail racing and the group that put on the event. The family and teammates of the INTO the WILD OC group is well organized and fun. They made my first 10k and trail race a great experience. One I planned on returning to again and again.

 photo 2012-03-24055733-1.jpg
Then in October they hosted another trail running event, a 12k run through a limestone canyon. I jumped at the chance and figured I could manage a 12k since I so loved the 10k trail. Not so much… It turned out to be one of my hardest and most frustrating races in all of 2012. But I finished it and was excited to say I survived. It was this race that gave me the confidence in my ability to run a half marathon.

 photo 580284_422278691153907_1646924781_n.jpg

In 2013 I planned to train and run a half marathon. We picked our race in Seattle and planned a trip up there. To keep me going, I signed up for the same 10k trail race in Irvine and had an even better experience than I had the year before. What can I say, I was hooked! A different route than the 2012 race, the 2013 event took us higher and farther than expected and I simply enjoyed the challenge.

 photo b53d823f-404b-4c33-b88e-0ba71da4b313_zps863fd373.jpg
Then disaster struck. Not long after my 10k in March of 2013 with the INTO the WILD group, I strained my heel and was unable to run. To say I was frustrated when I was at the tip-top of my game would be an understatement. I was really improving and seeing my pace and endurance take off! My injury sidelined me for a good 8 months. No races, no running, no treadmill. It was hard but my body obviously needed the break to heal.

Now it’s 2014 and I’m running again, both with my Brea Runners and on my own. I’ve run two races already this year, a 5k in January and another 5k in February. I’m slowly booking my schedule full of races, one each month. Maybe I’ll go for another year of racing! Who knows! As long as I can run, I will race!

This weekend, March 22nd, will be the weekend of the Irvine/Santiago Canyon Into The Wild 10k/21k race and I won’t be there. I’m heart broken and honestly I’m still debating whether I can register late and pull it off. But between baseball for our kidlet and my husband being out of town, making the race would be difficult. So this year I’m a bystander watching the runners race by wishing I was joining them. If you have the time to sign up and run, I’d highly HIGHLY suggest it! It’s a beautiful course and it’s challenging but lots of fun.

As for me and my future running another Into the Wild race, my husband and I are looking at making our May race the Into the Wild Limestone Eco-Challenge 12k. Crazy, I know. This race is tough and a huge challenge for me but I’m pumped to try it again and this time with his support. We’ll see if I can beat my previous time!

Good luck to those taking on the Irvine trails this weekend. I’m racing in spirit!


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4 Responses to Into The Wild 10k 2014

  1. I’ve never done an actual trail run before but I have a relay this Summer coming up that I think is all on trails. I’m anxious but excited!

    • Mrs. Geek says:

      I love trail running and the change in elevation and scenery. It makes the run go that much faster. I highly suggest having separate running/trail shoes for it. I run in ADIDAS trail shoes that have grips and a stiffer sole since the ground changes a lot on trails. It does require a change in stride but it’s LOTS of fun!

      • That’s a good call I should probably be looking into gear!

      • Mrs. Geek says:

        I’d check out shoes. There are other things out there like gaiters that keep the dirt out of your shoes. I haven’t bought them yet but they are next on my list. Otherwise all the other things you run in will work perfect. Excited to read about your relay! I can’t wait to hear how your experience will be!

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