We Were On A BREAK!

I haven’t been on a run in oh, maybe, a week or more. It’s safe to say running and I have been on a break. Sorta…

And it’s been hell.

On Sunday I had a wonderful day-in with a friend and her daughter. We baked, we talked, the kids played. It was a nice rainy day inside. Everything seemed peachy.

Then I woke up on Monday morning around 3:30am and felt a sharp pain every time I swallowed. Uh oh. After years as a kid dealing with acute laryngitis, I knew what that feeling meant.

When my alarm went off I was in tears every time I tried to swallow. My ears were hurting and my whole body felt like it was going numb. So I put in a call to my boss (aka My Dad) and told him I couldn’t come in. Then I promptly went back to sleep only to be woken up by an intense sharp scratching pain down my throat. Ugh… It was 8:30 and my doctor’s office was now open for business. I picked up my phone and called them for an appointment. Then, I fell back to sleep.

I didn’t wake back up for another hour or so. And when I did, I wish I hadn’t. My sore throat was extremely bad and I was starting to worry about strep throat. I’ve had it before and it’s awful. Painful, miserable, and takes what seems like forever to heal. I really didn’t want to deal with strep throat so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

At 12 I went to my appointment where they swabbed me and checked my vitals. The good news? I had no fever and if I was getting sick, I had caught it very early on. The bad news? I had caught it so early they couldn’t tell exactly what they were dealing with. So, to be cautious, they gave me a prescription for Tamiflu and a new inhaler to help me kick the bug out of my system before it got the chance to take full effect.

It’s now Friday and I was out for three days. Probably should have stayed home on Thursday, too, but I felt good enough to go in. That was a slight miscalculation as I was basing it off of how I felt at home on the couch. But I made it through. My throat is no longer sore but this bug has traveled into my chest where I now sound like a choking baby seal. I wake up with little to no voice and just in general feel like shit. Since it has traveled to my chest and settled in for a nice stay, I have a feeling there will be no running or heavy breathing cardio for a while. My lungs need to recuperate and I need get to that point where I can take a deep breath without ending up in a hacking coughing fit.

I won’t even go into what I’m spitting out. Yuck!

For now I’m on the side line. I have a race scheduled the end of this month so I’m in no rush to force myself to heal faster. I have time. Now to get healthy again and get back on track!


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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5 Responses to We Were On A BREAK!

  1. The crap that is going around right now? Seriously MISERABLE.

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