Cross Training Hike

This past weekend we unplugged and made our way into the world to explore and go hiking. We’ve realized that so much of our lives are spent plugged into games and TV shows that making sure to dedicate a weekend to unplugging is a good idea. We tried it out this weekend and enjoyed it so much we plan to make it a reoccurring thing each month!

This month we made time to go ice skating and hiking! The hiking was my personal choice and I couldn’t WAIT to log some miles doing something checking out some new to us hiking trails. With running twice a week and being in the gym another two days a week, being outdoors for a workout was a nice change. And we went all out and did a good long 3.1 mile hike with some big elevation changes and a pretty steep, rocky hill. I felt that I got a lot out of this hike and I’m still feeling it in my calves to this day!


Off we go!


This hill here was a calf killer! And I was pretty proud of our little man as he scrambled up without much fear and with a whole lot of energy.

IMG_1030 IMG_1031

Our view from the top!


After our hike we headed to the coast to spend a little time on the beach. It was chilly but our son was determined to play in the sand and take a quick dip into the ocean. We thought he was NUTS! But he did it! Got to say the kid has major cojones. IMG_1041 Over all, we enjoyed our quiet time and vowed to do this every 3-4 weeks. Just a weekend from Saturday to Sunday with no TV or video games and limited phone time for the big people. I even charged and used my Canon to snap these shots so that I wasn’t able to instantly upload them to my social media sites. While sharing with our family and friends via Facebook and Instagram is a wonderful way to connect and include others even if they are out of state or far away, sometimes it’s easy to get sucked in and miss out on precious memories happening in that moment. Having little to no face time with any screen gave us a new appreciation for our strengths as individuals and as a family.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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3 Responses to Cross Training Hike

  1. Kristin says:

    That sounds like a really amazing adventure! Great pictures!

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