Rainy Day Run

There is nothing like the sound of rain and the smell of wet concrete on a cold wintry day. Here in California, they are rare and lately we’ve been hurting for a little rain to come our way.

For me, rain is a double edged sword. I love it. It makes me feel like cuddling up and listening to the drops pitter patter against the roof. Sleeping while it’s raining outside and cold is one of the best feeling. Just so soothing and calming. But, now that I’m running regularly with the group, a rainy day creates a bit of a problem. Especially on a winter night, running in the rain isn’t the best idea. Too many issues can come up from wet pavement to slipping to getting sprayed by cars. Oh and there’s the whole issue with being wet AND cold.

I can handle a light drizzle or a warm spring/summer storm but not that bone chilling cold rain that falls in winter.

So late night a 5.4 mile run was scheduled and I packed my bags with the intent to run with the group. As the day progressed, the chances of rain grew and my chances of running became slim. By 5 pm I was set to cancel my workout day and made dinner instead.

In the end, I decided not to let a little rain get to me and dressed for the gym. I planned on a run with the dread-mill and maybe some strength training afterwards when my husband came up to me and suggested I do one of these two things: run then get on the Stairmaster for 5 minutes OR up my incline while I ran. Challenge accepted!

When I got to the gym my favorite machine was free: the one on the end. Not having to squish between two other machines (and at 6:30 on a weekday those machines would be in use because it’s busy as usual) was a blessing. I love the end machine with only one side shared with another treadmill. As I started I decided to run my 4:1 routine, 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking. My run was pegged at 5.0 pace and my walk would be down at 3.5. By the time I got myself set up, I had walked a minute so I clicked up my pace and began to run.

As I listened to my music and started my air drum session to keep my pace, I realized I had the ability to create my own workout with difference paces and inclines, all I had to do was adjust and play with the numbers. So I created this little workout.

Rainy Day Treadmill Workout

  • 1 minute walk (3.0 incline/3.5 pace)
  • 4 minute run (3.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute walk (3.0 incline/3.5 pace)
  • 3 minute run (3.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute run (3.0 incline/6.0 pace)
  • 1 minute walk (3.0 incline/3.5 pace)
  • 3 minute run (3.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute run (5.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute walk (3.0 incline/3.5 pace)
  • 3 minute run (3.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute run (3.0 incline/6.0 pace)
  • 1 minute walk (4.5 incline/3.5 pace)
  • 3 minute run (3.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute run (5.0 incline/5.0 pace)
  • 1 minute run (3.0 incline/6.0 pace)

And so on. As you can see, I made up a little routine with 5 minute cycles and different paces and inclines at different intervals ranging from 1 minute to 4 minutes. When I started to lose steam, I went back to a walk/run pattern and finished off with a 543 calorie burn. Not bad for a 42 minute workout!

Now I’m interested to see what other interval running routines I can create on the treadmill. I’m going to need to recreate my schedule due to a change in plans. Our son is playing baseball this season and OF COURSE his practices are on the same night as the running group. So I may be using the treadmill more often to make up for any missed running during the week.



About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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2 Responses to Rainy Day Run

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with running in the rain too. It makes me think of the saying, ‘some feel the rain, others just get wet.’ Props for the dedication.
    Also! I nominated your for a Liebster award. Head on over to my page for your 11 questions!

    • Mrs. Geek says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the nomination! Yeah I appreciate running in a drizzle/light rain when it’s warm and comfortable but winter rain? Nope! But I can’t complain too much. Our winter is pretty mild here.

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