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Bitten, Again!

In 2012 I vowed to run 12 races. Whether done well or awfully, I would run all 12 in the span of 12 months, making it roughly a race a month if I could manage it. I did manage all … Continue reading

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33rd Annual Race On The Base

This past weekend my family participated in the 33rd Annual Race On The Base in Los Alamitos. And when I say family, I mean it! Not only was I signed up to run the 5k, so was a cousin-in-law of … Continue reading

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Pre-Race: 33rd Race On The Base 5k

This weekend marks my second race of 2014. It will be my second and possibly my last until after May. On Saturday we will be up bright and freakin’ early to participate in the 33rd Race on the Base in … Continue reading

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Cross Training Hike

This past weekend we unplugged and made our way into the world to explore and go hiking. We’ve realized that so much of our lives are spent plugged into games and TV shows that making sure to dedicate a weekend … Continue reading

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I Run

I collect miles like medals and wear them around my neck, showing that I am tougher than the pavement. That I can outrun my exhaustion. That I am more fierce than the burn that overtakes my muscles around mile 3. … Continue reading

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Liebster Award!

Over the weekend, we turned off the TV and video games and spent about 90% o four weekend without electronics. We used our GPS to get us around and I used my HRM strap to track my calories, otherwise we … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Run

There is nothing like the sound of rain and the smell of wet concrete on a cold wintry day. Here in California, they are rare and lately we’ve been┬áhurting for a little rain to come our way. For me, rain … Continue reading

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