Pre-Race: Into The Wild OC 10k

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I ran my first 10k which was also my first trail race. Last year I took the plunge and signed up for the Into The Wild OC 10k race in Irvine. It was my third race in a year of twelve races and it was a fabulous one to run.

The group that puts on these Into The Wild race series really do a great job. And coming full circle a year later I feel like I’m coming home for a family reunion. If you are adventurous and want a change from a road racing, this is a great group to run with and a wonderful series of races to join.

Pre-race days are some of my faves because I get to rest a bit and I tend to carb up! And that’s the best part. No better reason for eating more carbs than a race. I’ve been working on my eating habits, trying to stick with whole foods and decent portions. I’ve also been attempting to cook more at home so that I’m not left guessing what is in the food I’m buying.

 photo 0347C731-BC05-46D1-BEBA-9E6B8AF7F57E-846-0000005E656F81E9_zps216e576d.jpg

I like to start my morning off with some coffee and these homemade breakfast burritos I make. I usually have larger ones but I ran out of the big tortillas and had left over stuffing so I made a full smaller versions with whole wheat tortillas. We freeze them in foil and heat them in the morning. A filling and awesome way to start the day.

 photo CA345F82-D7EA-48CE-AC3C-A0BD62671AD9-846-0000005E8FAE2FAA_zps1c1f544d.jpg

Oh the goodness of pasta!

Gotta get in some pasta and lots of fruits and veggies. I like pasta salads that are chilled and I will add in some tomatoes, olives, and veggies. It’s a nice mix and doesn’t make me feel overly full.

Tonight I have no plans to run or workout but I will use my foam roller as I’m supppppper sore from my training session on Wednesday. We did four weeks rotating the same workouts and this week was the start of a new routine. Man, did it kick my ass. Even with all the sore muscles I never knew I had, I still got out and ran a good 5 miler yesterday, including some vicious hills.

 photo F9157633-571A-468D-BD81-E8D0816C53FD-846-0000005DD29CFE78_zpsc918d839.jpg

My stupid phone died on me at 4.7 miles and didn’t clock the rest of the run. I hate that! It’s a stupid thing to be upset over but I’m a data geek and I like my information to be complete. Oh well…

See those red sections? Yeah those were some big hills and I tried to run them backwards just to change up the muscle groups working. Plus I felt pretty badass.

So glad I’m not running today. I could really use the break and some good stretching time to relieve any soreness and tension before my race tomorrow.

 photo 89C48A91-34A5-4473-B4D8-9A9E2960736C-846-0000005DCDD653A1_zps944b0a17.jpg

Happy Running!

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