More Is Better

I have no research to back me up on this or any credible sources.

But, I’m pretty certain that this is a fact: Running 5 miles is easier than running 3 miles.

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Since the holidays rolled around, I’ve been joining up with the Brea Runners. They run twice during the week and once on the weekend while fitting in a few social outings and community service projects together. My future MIL has been running with them for awhile and always encouraged me to come out. In the past I had a reason or two not to go, mostly what to do with my son while I was out running.

Now that The Guy is living under the same roof and we have our little routines all figured out, I’ve found that I’m available the nights that they run. Plus, the weekend run is so early I’m usually up and done before either of the boys are awake. It all has worked out so far and I’m enjoying the hour to myself with the other runs to get in some group exercise.

Since joining up, I’ve noticed that every run is 5 miles or more in length. Not yet have I run under 4 miles with them. And this isn’t a bad thing. As it turns out, running more mileage is somewhat easier than I had expected.

We started out with a 3:30 run/walk interval and that seemed a good pace for me. But last night, I just felt the urge to keep up my running and to not stop for the 30 seconds of walking. What possessed me to do so is beyond me. But I found myself keeping up a good pace, my breathing was not labored and I just wanted to run a little more, and then a little bit more.

Soon the run was over and 5 miles were behind us and I felt good.

5 miles. It seems to be a good fit for me.

Now a 10k doesn’t seem so daunting and I’m interested to see how much easier a 6 mile run will be.

Will I have to break it down into intervals? Or will I be able to run straight through?

It’s been oddly motivating. Now all I can think about it how many miles will my next run be.


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A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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