12 in 2012: San Dimas Turkey Trot 10k

I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been 2012. I completed my 11th race this weekend and I’m down to two more scheduled 5ks.

2 more 5ks in two weeks, that is. Somehow when I picked up my last races this year I didn’t really notice I was scheduling them back to back to back. So this weekend I ran race 11 on Saturday, this Friday I’ll walk/run a bonus 5k race then I’ll wrap it up with my 12th race the Saturday after.

Yeah…3 races in 3 weeks. Sigh… What was I thinking?

Either way I’ve got a lot to share and race pictures to post. This last race was not my best effort as I’m slowly burning out on the running. I did this about June and it seems that every 6 months I just flat out give up. It’s cyclical.

But I’m not done and I don’t plan to give up entirely. I’ll finish my races and complete my 2012 goal to run 12 of them in the span of a year. Hell, I’ll actually finish with a total of 13 races but one of them I’ll only consider as a bonus run. After that I’ll give myself a little time off, focus on some other areas and then get back into running regularly because I’ve signed up for a July half marathon in Seattle called See Jane Run.

Because, you know…I’m a glutton for punishment.

A lot of exciting things have happened in the past couple of weeks and I’ll get to those updates towards the end of my post. For now I’ll write about my turkey trot from this past weekend.

On Thursday morning, before we sat down to feast on turkey and stuffing, I forced my younger sister to go to a body blast, two-hour workout at our local fitness center. It was long and tough but worth it. Well, I thought so. My sister might argue that point.

While the burn was good, I discovered a few things: One, I’m not a fan of kickboxing. Punching into thin air doesn’t do it for me. I feel like it’s all for not. Two, I thought TRX would be a nice change of pace and had actually considered signing up at The Y for a few classes. NOPE! Tried it on Thursday as one of the circuits and found it to be not my cup of tea. Too much relies on your sense of balance which I barely have any of. I could only see myself getting hurt.

By Friday morning, I could barely move without squealing in pain so I was seriously considering NOT running my race Saturday. But I knew my sore muscles would be looser come Saturday morning so I had no excuses.

Up I went and found two sleeping body in my living room. Looked like the guys had a good time the night before and a few had stayed over. Can’t say I mind if it means they aren’t driving home after knocking back a few. I did try to stay quiet but took a little pleasure in making some noise while I brewed coffee and made toast before I left.

The morning was cool and I was lucky to snag one of the last parking spaces in the lot closest to the race start line. I took the chance to use the vacant restroom nearest me and then started up my pre-race routine of jogging and stretching and fretting with my sleeves. I did worry at one point that I would overheat in my jacket but that didn’t end up being an issue, thank goodness.

I was feeling pretty good when I realized we would be running in the same park and the same route as the Girls On The Go 10k back in September. I figured if I ran it better than my first time around, that would be a huge accomplishment. Sadly, I was not quite correct. While the majority of the route was the same as September, they threw in a little twist at the end. Mile 5 was a nice low grade incline that really kicked my butt. At that point I was doing good on time and pace but I ended up walking the whole hill.
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Not too bad, I’d say. I ran under a 10 min/mile pace at one point and I walked a 19 min/mile pace on that damn hill. I finished with an overall time of 83 minutes which is at least 10 minutes slower than the first time I ran this race. Boooo….hiss….Oh well. It’s not like I gave it my all. As I said before, I’m beginning to feel the burnout and it’s starting to show in my efforts.
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But you can’t complain too much about a huge ol’ hill at the end of a race when you get to have pumpkin pie at the finish line!

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And you get a cute medal with a little turkey on it! This race was put on by the Renegade Racing Series, a well organized group. There were booths and water and food and an easy registration/bib pick up. Thanks to all the volunteers on the course who rang cow bells and gave us smiles and thumbs up to push us on. It was really appreciated!

Now for the exciting news….

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As of November 17th, The Guy and I became engaged! He asked me while we took a little vacation away to Big Bear! It was a total surprise, one that I’m thrilled to have experienced with him. It was a first for both of us and we are both super happy. My son is also very very excited to have a big ol’ wedding to look forward to. He’s been bugging us for months to have one.

2012 has really been a roller coaster of major highs and deep lows. Becoming engaged to my 2nd grade sweetheart was one of the biggest highs ever while some family issues brought us to new lows. Through it all, I kept putting one foot in front of the other and crossed each finish line with my two guys there rooting me on the whole time. While the wounds of this year are still healing and tender, I’m glad to have faced them with The Guy at my side and I’m so looking forward to completing my first half marathon with him as my husband at the finish line.



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4 Responses to 12 in 2012: San Dimas Turkey Trot 10k

  1. Mary says:


  2. tacotoosday says:

    I wish the Turkey Trot I ran rewarded us with pumpkin pie at the end! And congrats on your engagement!

    • Katie says:

      Yeah I was totally surprised by the pie at the end and decided to grab one. Doesn’t sound like a great post-race snack but it really hit the spot! Thanks for coming by and reading 🙂

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