New And Improved….Maybe…

Can something be new AND improved? Or is that impossible? To be new means to have not existed before. So you can’t improve upon something that hasn’t been in existence before.

Now I’m not always one for nit-picking semantics and this isn’t a blog that runs on the fuel of perfection. Instead we’ll let well enough alone and just go with it.

My training is new and improved.

Before now I was running in the morning around a neighborhood not far from my house. We were dividing time between our condo and my boyfriend’s apartment due to some bad timing lease-wise. Because we were there more often than not, I scheduled my running around there and included some hills, too.

I loved this run. And I loved it in the morning. Though I was running along roads and heavily populated areas, the serene grassiness and the curving sidewalks gave it character. It was almost like running through a park but without having to drive myself to an actual park.

This past weekend we shut down the apartment and moved the boyfriend into our condo. We are now all under one roof and paying only one rent. Woohoo!

But that meant I would need to rethink my training schedule completely. I’m a good 2-3 miles from my little morning route with the winding sidewalks and the grassy knolls. The Guy suggested I run from the condo to the old apartment and then do my route there and run home after. Hahaha…yeah right. Thanks for the suggestion babe but I think I’ll just run near our home.

Now this is a small change. I’ve run around the neighborhoods near our condo so it’s not that big of a deal. But lets not forget to add to the change in routine and the change in location the fact that I also got a new phone with all new applications and a new roommate. So much change in such a short period of time! Sigh…

Change is very hard for me to deal with. I must say, though, I’m doing alright. Not perfect, mind you, but alright.

So my route is new but the routine stays the same: up at 5:05am and running by 5:15. I’m keeping it short for now, only 2.1 miles much like the last route I had.

My phone is new so I have a whole new bunch of applications to learn. I have a 10k running app now, much like the C25k app I was using originally. And I’ve reset myself. I ran Day 1 this morning rather than continuing from where I left off. After a week of no running I figured I needed to start fresh.

Along with a new running app, I also have my Nike+ app. I bought it years ago for a device that couldn’t run it properly due to having no GPS signal once I left the house. But it got saved to my account and was promptly uploaded to my new device.

For the first time since I bought this application, I finally got to use it properly. My observation: It’s a smooth, easily figured out, nicely run, with a great UI both with the application AND the internet site. I loved my other apps but this one now will be my go-to. Not only does it link to most social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it also links to Path where your friends can cheer you on as you run! Neat-o!

Ok geeky-girl squeal out of the way.

To sum up, I’m sticking with the old routine: up early, run, then off to work. But I’ve made necessary changes to my route and my applications used.

So it’s a new plan but it has improved upon what was in place before. New and improved!


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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