Darkest Before The Dawn

The alarm on my cell phone chirped happily at me from the floor nearest my side of the bed. I reached out in anger and flicked the screen to shut it up. Then I promptly chucked it into a pile of clothes and mumbled to myself.

I hated cheerfulness so early in the morning.

It was a dreary 5:25am and I was not ready to get up. Nor was I willing to consider the fact that I had been trying for 2 weeks to run before work. It hadn’t happened so far but maybe today would be different…


I rolled over and tucked the sheet up under my chin and drifted off.

5 minutes later, barely enough time to really doze properly, my alarm chirped at me again. As I slowly became conscious, I thought to myself “Why not? I’ve had a shitty night of sleep and getting outside of this house before anyone else is awake will probably be good for me”.

So I grabbed my phone, flicked off my alarm and stumbled bleary eyed into the bathroom. The light from the ceiling lamp felt harsh and buzzy, making me squint as I got myself ready to run.

As I walked out of the bedroom quietly where my two guys slept peacefully, I grabbed my running shoes and laced up. Once I was shoed the time was 5:45am and I clicked on my arm band with my phone encased, ready to hit the pavement.

It was as if I had been running at 5:00am for months. Nothing seemed out the ordinary and nothing seemed extra special about this particular morning. Except it was extraordinary. I was up before the sunrise and I was planning to run 2 miles. Not a long jaunt but enough to get my heart rate up and my blood flowing.

Gotta start slow, you know.

And off I went. I chose to take my usual route but to run it the opposite way, taking the steeper, shorter hill first and then allowing myself to coast down the longer, winding hill at the end. I was amazed at the weather, how grey and muggy it felt. Breaking 70 degrees before 6:00am must be a bad omen.

But it wasn’t. My run was good. It was solid. I ran the majority of it and after over a week off, I was impressed I wasn’t dying at the end.

Everything went fine except for the darkness making me worried I’d trip over a raised piece of concrete and my attention being focused on the ground beneath me rather than the cold sprinklers that were watering more of the sidewalk I was on rather than the grass.

After I was met with a cold splash of sprinkler water to the whole front of me, I was thankful for the darkness and the fact that I wasn’t wearing white. And that there weren’t many people out so no one watched as I got hosed.

I’m still not a morning person.

But at least I can say I did it once.

Maybe…just maybe….I’ll do it again.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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