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There Is A Hole In Your Plan

Every time a race rounds the corner, I begin my little prep-plan. I watch what I eat a day or two before. I make sure most of my calories are from veggies, fruits, potatoes and stick with water for my … Continue reading

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Thorn In My Side

It seems like I can never run without an issue. First it was just learning to run without dying. Then I was having issues with my hips. Now I can’t seem to run without a side cramp kicking in after … Continue reading

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Training: A Breakthrough

I never thought of myself as a runner. I never considered myself someone who ran well or was fast or could even keep up a decent pace. I was the slower sibling, the one who got winded easily and opted … Continue reading

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12 in 2012: Long Beach Pajama Run 5k

This weekend I ran my 7th race of 2012. After a much needed hiatus, I got back on the path and ran like I stole something, as a friend so eloquently put it 🙂 After the last two races being … Continue reading

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