Training: Back In The Saddle

Ok so maybe not quite but at least I’m working to get myself back into a workout routine with a hint of a healthier eating plan.

So, it started when my sister moved back into town. She’s running a half marathon in September so she’s trying to build up her mileage during the week with smaller runs and a longer one on the weekend. Because my son was out of town on a visit with his dad, I had some free time so I jumped at the chance to run with her.

I’m not a great running partner because I can’t talk and run. It’s too much to ask of my poor lungs. But having the motivation of a running partner has been a big help. In the past week and a half, I’ve run three times. Two of those runs were over 3 miles and included some extreme hills.

Now that I’ve got some miles under my belt, I’m trying to work out a routine that focuses on mileage and stamina building but also gives me time to be with my family and doesn’t get in the way of the everyday things.

This also means I need to be diligent. Not a little bit diligent, seriously diligent. I need to set it, accept help from others to accomplish it, and then stick with it.

Our first route is a simple 2.23 mile run around our neighborhood. It’s got a nice climb at the beginning, steady and mild but you are definitely huffing and puffing at the top. This run is easy to adjust to a longer 3.2 mile run, I just add on a block at either end and I get a full 5k.

The second run is tougher and longer. It’s goes about 3.5 miles and we start at a steep hill that levels out for a split second then turns into a second hill that shorter but steeper. It just climbs consistently after that. Even the run down is steep and a little tough so we sit back into the decline instead of allowing gravity to pull us forward. If we did, we’d risk falling due to the severity of the hill.

I’m determined to be able to run more than 50% of this course by the end of the year because it’s tough but not that tough. I seriously can do it if I just work on my slower uphill jogging and my breathing. There is something about hill climbing that makes it harder to keep my breathing steady and for an asthmatic, it’s a scary feeling not to be able to grab a breath.

And then on Thursdays I’ll stick to Zumba because it’s fun and a good break from running but still focuses on carbio.

As for eating…well…that’s a whole other story. Something about telling myself “No! Don’t eat that. Eat healthy” makes me want to just quit on the spot. I wonder if it’s because stressful situations trigger my need to eat the negative feelings down and if I’m watching what I eat, I can’t do that. Plus, eating healthier means more planning and the idea of planning a healthier shopping list is exhausting.

I can’t live on 24 hours alone! I NEED MORE! Since I can’t have that, I just have to be on top of things. Shopping on the weekends with a list of healthy options for snacks and also plan out some meals to cook in the evenings that don’t take a lot of time.

The Guy and I have considered making our healthy eating focus mainly on a Paleo Diet theory. So we’d eat mostly veggies, fruit, and meat. Not a bad idea it just isn’t as simple as pouring a bowl of cereal. I mean, it’s not hard either but laziness gets the better of us and that Cheerios box really seems to be more appealing than a handful of roasted almonds.

But that the start. Looking into easy ways for my family to eat healthy and avoid processed foods while focusing on whole foods and home made meals seems to be the best path for us.

Now it’s just finding the energy to get it all done!

Energy drink, anyone?! Yeah because just the idea of all this planning and research into a healthier eating plan is making me want a nap in a quiet corner.

But, again, at least it’s a start. My next race is coming up quickly. We’re running a 5k June 30th. My goal for that race is just to run from start to finish. No goal on time but just to run continuously. A pretty good realistic goal in my opinion.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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