Life’s Little Bumps and Bruises


Ick. This is my knee as of this morning, a little over a week since I took a fall in my last 5k. As you can tell, it’s healing albeit rather slowly. There was a point last week that it wasn’t looking too good and I had to get serious with the care routine. I’d have hoped that by this point I’d have more new skin rather than his gaping hole in my knee. It’s painful, disgusting and it’s really brought me down.

I am 6 days away from hitting my mid-way point in my goal of running 12 races in 2012. On May 6th I’ll run a 5k trail race in my city and it will officially be my 6th race. And I’ll be running whether my knee is healed or not.

I’m half way there, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve made it half way!

And I’ll be honest, the prep work and the early mornings not to mention the costs that go into each race (which doesn’t bother me too much because most of my races are for the benefit of some important causes) are starting to get a little tiresome. Six races in and I’m a little burnt out.

But no worries, I’m not done yet. I’m happy to say that after this Sunday I’ll have roughly 7 weeks off until race #7. I didn’t plan it this way but I’m glad this break is coming up.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a regular workout routine due to a constantly changing weekly schedule and some life stresses that have come my way. My family has gone through some real shit the last month and my health has followed suit and just been difficult. I’ve actually got a scheduled appointment today with the doctor to get checked out. I’m tired of feeling like crap.

Another goal I had taken on was to start up yoga and I can’t remember the last class I attended. I’m bothered by this because I know that yoga was a great outlet for me, lots of great stretching and limbering up and soothing time for myself. The fact that I’ve let this goal go haunts me and I want to get it back into my routine.

So for now I’m getting myself through race #6 this weekend. After that I’m focusing on healing my knee (stupid little shit) and getting my health back on line (Oh how I hate the doctors) while I have this little break between races.

I’m going to give myself time to just simplify my day to day routines, get some yoga back into my life and get myself healthy again. While running has been great and it’s really made me push to improve my form and my speed and my abilities, it has taken its toll and I’m ready for a little time off.

Time to slow down and get my basic everyday stuff organized.

Change is good and setting a goal or two is good too but you can’t let those things become more important that your day to day life. Once you complete these goals and cross that finish line, that day to day crap you let go of? Well it’ll bite you in the ass because you’ll come back to it and realize you’ve not maintained any sort of routine to live by once you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do.

Time to refocus.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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