Pushing Through

Life is stressful. It just is. Whether good or bad, stress is apart of everyday life.

Sometimes it seems easier to put it at the back of your mind and push through, while other times it washes over you like a tidal wave and the overwhelming pressures consume you.

That’s been my life lately and I’ve allowed it. I’ve allowed issues beyond me to filter in and affect my running. At the end of the day, I’d rather sink into my couch with a book and shut out the world than get my running shoes laced up and run away from it all.

As of right this moment, I’m only running once a week. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. Especially since I have family willing to help me out and watch my son and a fully equipped gym. And I haven’t given up the goal of running 12 races this year. Something just doesn’t compute here.

I seem to be struggling with the notion that I need to get up and move and that I’m the only one that can force me to do it. That I seriously have to put my feet on the ground and just take that first step and there isn’t another person on this earth that can do it for me.

I have to be the one to push.

I have to accept that life will always be stressful but that at times the stresses will be something I can manage, sometimes the stress will be positive and other times it will feel like too much. But in the midst of it all, I have to keep moving and not allow it to consume me. I have to hold fast to what I cherish and to keep moving forward.

Race number 4 is upon me and it’s a big one. 6.2 miles through trails and uneven terrain. I’m excited to see the course and run it but I’m also realizing that by allowing my life to tumble away from me and to drop all my efforts at running or working out, I’m not nearly as ready as I want to be.

In my last week before, I’m going to pick myself up by my boot straps and try to fit in at least 2-3 days of running. When I do run, I’m up to 4 miles and any pains I feel kick in during that last mile or so. Now I’m only treadmill running for now so that may change when I hit the road/trail.


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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