12 In 2012: Brea 8k Classic

There is nothing like running a race in a tutu. No seriously. It’s way too much fun!


Today I ran my first 8k, roughly around 5 miles total. It was a well organized and fabulous coarse in Brea and was celebrating its 21st year. And you can tell by how smoothly it’s run.

To prepare, I only ran the week before. No Body Pump and no Zumba. Just running. I upped my miles on the treadmill to 4 miles and I was getting it done in about 56 minutes. By Saturday I was feeling pretty good.

I also made sure my diet the day before included a lot of water and mostly carbs. It wasn’t easy, my body now craves lean protein and healthy fats but I knew my body would be better fueled with carbs. Lots of pasta, veggies, fruit and rice.

The morning of the race came swiftly. I was worried because I had struggled with allergies and asthma the night before so I popped an allergy pill and kept my emergency  inhaler nearby. I lost some sleep but not enough to keep me away from the start line. Up I was at 6 am for my oatmeal and banana along with a few sips of an all natural energy drink.

I also made sure to NOT follow in my footsteps last race and I made sure I warmed up with a small jog and followed by stretching. All that effort paid off.

All hip pain kept at bay till around the 3rd mile. I also found myself able to push through and run more than walk. And I finished the race in 57:37. Now this was awesome because a) I wanted to come in under an hour (and I did) and b) I was running 4 miles in 56 minutes but today I ran 5 in 57! A mile more and only a minute longer!

My average pace was 5.2 miles per hour! Not bad! I’d definitely consider this race my best yet! And if that’s the case, my time can only improve!


About Katie V.

A mom. A chef. A chauffeur. A personal assistant. A housewife. An office manager. You name it. I do it all while looking fabulous.
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